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October 06, 2004

2 people, 1 baby, 4 cars.

Our home now resembles an auto mart.

Last weekend Fabulous Babe got her new car: A Volvo S60 T5. Progress reports so far are pretty positive: Quiet smooth ride. Easy in or out loading of Jack's car seat.

Then there is the other stuff: 12 speaker stereo system? Well that's nice. Stonkloads of horsepower and pickup? Bonus. Gorgeous rims and the really nice low profile Pirelli racing tires? A girl has to have her standards. Quick acting butt warmers in the seats? Manditory.

It's a not new. (We're too old to watch good money go away in "drive off the lot" depreciation.) It's a 2001 that had one owner on a lease. From what I can tell it was his wife's car based on the papers they left in it and the telltale signs of women's shoes.

FB's former ride now sits on our drive awaiting a trip to the car detailer. It's going to be tough to see it go. The first time I kissed her I had walked her back to this car to say good night. If you know anyone looking for a well maintained 1999 2 door Honda Accord with the works let me know. (74K miles and full service records.)

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