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September 06, 2004

The Big Concert

Remember Sarah?


That's her again in the same pose as Fabulous Babe when she's overdue for some quality time with the breast pump. (Maybe it's a mom thing.)

Fabulous Babe and Mrs. Racetrack headed off to the concert Saturday night. I managed to keep the seat location a secret from FB all week so she had no idea where they were sitting. All she knew was that she needed to pick them up at the "will call" booth.

About 7:10 I get the call:


"So you got the tickets?"

"Are these right! They're row 1! In the center! On the floor!"

"Call me back when you're at the seats."

*joyously happy wife hangs up*

10 minutes later.




Now I have an image of Sarah McLachlan spitting while singing that isn't very nice. Time to just move away from that mental picture.

"So they're good seats?"

"Jim! I'm on the left of the microphone and Mrs. Racetrack is on the right! We can't get anymore center! They're amazing!"

"Have fun!"

(She may regret that deal we made.)

So here's some pictures to give you an idea of how close they were. I'll apologize in advance for the quality. Since the digital pooped out FB was forced to make do with a crappy disposable camera.


Here's our favorite former Halifax native strumming away. You can almost imagine her trudging up the hill towards one of the pubs after having a snack at Pita Boys. I don't envy her the climb with the guitar over a shoulder.

*Sigh* I REALLY need to get back to Halifax sometime.


Sarah getting her groove thing on.


The band taking a bow.

Fabulous Babe said that the show was a humdinger. The material that McLachlan sang were all the favorites from over her entire career. For FB it was, forgetting the seats for a moment, exactly what she wanted to hear: old and new favorites with no filler.

For the encore Sarah came out in something neat. The Excel Center people gave Sarah and her daughter personalized Wild Jerseys which I thought was a nice touch.

So you might be wondering: how did I get the tickets?

I wish I could say I know people who know people but truth be told Sarah McLachlan donated a pair from every show to www.feminist.org to help raise money. I found them online and, realizing I had a chance to make FB really, really happy, bought them.

Fabulous Babe was on cloud nine Saturday night. If there was going to be a soundtrack to her life a huge chunk of the music would be Sarah McLachlan. It's that very reason I spent the money and sent her on her way with Mrs. Racetrack in tow. Sometimes you just need some girly time away from the men.


That's FB on the left, Mrs. Racetrack on the right. They're holding their tickets while someone was kind enough to photograph them in front of the stage before the show started.

Those smiles are worth any price.

Happy anniversary hon. Jack and I love you.


P.S. If you've found your way here from somewhere else this site is usually more concerned with our newborn son than it is Sarah McLachlan. If you want to catch up and read along you're more than welcome. Just start here: The Beginning.

P.P.S. I apologize for the obnoxious yellow type on the photos. If you would like copies of the pictures without the obnoxious yellow type drop me an email. I'll zip them up and shoot them over to you full sized and glorious.

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