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September 28, 2004

"Pimp my ride!"

Last Tuesday Fabulous Babe came home in a bad mood. Trying to get Jack out of the rear seat in her sporty 1999 2 Door Accord was royal pain in the ass. It was awkward, made her incision hurt and generally annoyed and provoked her.

"I think we need to look at getting a new car."


I started kicking things into gear the next day. Had a chat with our personal banker. Started knocking around the internet at lunch. By dinner we had some ideas and drove off for some test drives and a look at the lay of the land.

What are we thinking? (Beyond 4 doors of course.)

Well we started with a Volvo S40. After driving one we were both left with the impression that the car was a bit more cramped than we wanted. It's nice but smaller than what Fabulous Babe has been driving.

So we drove an S60.

Wow. Big difference. Much more in line with what Fabulous Babe has in mind. (It's going to be her daily ride so she has the majority vote here.) The difference was night and day.

We escaped the lot that night without buying a new car. Then we launched into search mode to find some better deals.

I should have some news by the end of the week. At this point we're down to fiddling details. In the end Fabulous Babe will get her 4 doors and some extra safety and comfort to boot.

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