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September 21, 2004

Meanwhile, in the background...

I once said that the key to your life is recognizing that it has a soundtrack and that you really should know the lyrics.

I know, it sounds goofy but you get what you pay for around here.

Over the weekend I began a massive undertaking: digitizing our CD collection. This has been brewing in the back of my mind for a few months and I finally decided just to break down and get started. The end goal is to simply have things in an easier format for casual listening and pack some of the stranger material away to make some room.

I'm using iTunes for most of the work. The interface is fairly easy and things take care of themselves in the background while I type away on the website. That way I can be productive and creative. I also mark the CD's so that if they get lost they stand a better chance of finding their way home.

The task isn't quite as bad as Hercules cleaning the stables but I am going to be at it for a while. We have a lot of CD's and since I started glancing around I realized they're a bit more spread out than I like.

So where am I?

At this point I would say I'm, maybe, 10% of the way through. Total stands right now at 6.7 GB and 1600 songs. Sunday I took care of the Ultra Lounge collection, Martin Denny and Les Baxter. Tonight it is Box set night with Enya, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Buffett, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton and my beloved Cowabunga Surf collection.

What's to come? I have an embarassing collection of Ska. (100+ cds.) The Movie Soundtracks lie in wait sometime after that. There are other sections that are equally massive. All in all I'll be doing this at night for many nights to come.

In the end I'll have a definitive list of what we have. (You only have to be robbed once to see the need for this.) It will also allow Fabulous Babe the ability to load her iPod with whatever she wants.

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