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September 08, 2004

Mail Call...

Time for another edition of Mail Call. This is where your’s truly tries to answer some of the recent questions posed by gentle readers.

"What kind of traffic do you get?"
The original purpose was simply to keep our family and friends updated on what was going on with our pregnancy. As word got out the traffic increased. It took us 2 months to hit a thousand visitors. I now average that in a little less than a week.

Currently we receive anywhere from 100-200 hits a day. Many of these are regulars who check for daily updates. (About a third by the IP addresses I log.) The rest wind up here from the usual suspects: links to us, random searches, recommendations, etc. In the end it doesn't really matter how you got here. All are welcome. (Except those spam guys.)

FYI: I have the ability to see where people come from and sometimes this is great laugh. For a while the site turned up on a Google search of “Paige Davis Babe Hot” which grouped me with some interesting things. *yuck*

“Your site isn’t very fancy. Have you thought about changing it?”
I realize that our website isn’t as flashy as some and I apologize to those looking for more of a spectacle. The layout is actually driven by a few key factors:

Dial up internet access. A number of our family and friends reside in areas without high speed connections. Quick to load = happy friends and family.

The other is that it’s really pretty easy to navigate. It doesn’t depend on Flash. It doesn’t have awkward button bars. It doesn’t require a map of the stars homes to navigate. I’ve seen no shortage of awful websites in my lifetime. It might be humble but hopefully it’s the content, not the style that offers you a good time here.

“Isn’t Fabulous Babe embarrassed by what you post?”
I try to walk a fine line in that regard. So far I haven’t really crossed a line that has landed me a night in the spare bedroom so that’s good. Fabulous Babe has full veto rights but so far has never had to exercise them.

“Have you thought about publishing this as a book?”
If there is an audience for it and it would sell reasonably the answer is “Yes.”. If it means that I wind up with 8 pallets of returned books in my garage the answer is “No.”

“Why don’t you update more?”
I work during the day and then try to spend quality time with my wife and son in the evening. I am trying to be regular so bear with me.

“What are you going to do with all of this?”
At this point I’m not sure. I think the seed of a call in show on parenting lays here somewhere but that might be me really wanting to do radio again. Maybe I’ll do a monologue at a theatre one night: A Beatnik version of The Special Project. A musical is out of the picture because I refuse to have anyone but Howard Keel sing my part. (If you’ve not seen “Showboat” or “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” just go rent them.) Hmmm.

I do know I’ll archive all of it and Jack can read it at some point when he’s old enough to “get” it.



Posted by Jim at September 8, 2004 11:31 PM