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August 03, 2004

Racetrack update...

I've not mentioned the Racetracks in a while but you should know that all is well. They're healthy and Kate is growing like a weed.

We had dinner with them Saturday night at the joint they tipped us off to a few months back. It's Las Margaritas in Hastings. (2100 Vermillion St. South (Hwy 61.)) Good food and amazing service which puts it about a dozen notches above most of the restaurants around here. They even go to the effort of turning high chairs upside down to hold the modular car seats that Jack and Kate travel in. If you're passing though Hastings it is worth stopping by.

After dinner we went to the local Drive In to see "The Village" which was ok. (Nothing fantastic but great atmosphere.) The Drive In is slated for destruction in a year or so and we have to make as much use of it now as we can.

Mr. Racetrack was busy before the movie started sticking his tongue out at Kate. It was fun to watch but I have twinges of jealousy. The interaction is beyond Jack at this point but I'm dying to have that interplay with him.

At one point during the movie Fabulous Babe was forced to make use of the Uddermaster 9000. I told Mrs. Racetrack that for a quarter I would let Mister Racetrack have a peek at the operation in progress but she declined. So much for my attempts to cover the costs of the darn thing.

A storm caused us to leave before we could witness the spectacle of "I, Robot" and behold he who has brought about the "Willenium". Probably for the best I imagine.

Posted by Jim at August 3, 2004 11:33 PM