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August 30, 2004

Let's go to the Fair!

Fabulous Babe's parents arrived Friday afternoon for a dose of grandson. (Jack's like a magnet.) As part of the festivities it was decided that we should head off to the Minnesota State Fair.

If you've not been to the local Fair it's ok as State Fair's go. The obsession with unhealthy food on a stick is a bit scary but safe fun for all. We went two years ago and not much has changed.


This is Jack in what I am now calling the Lunar Lander. It was a bit chilly when we got to the fair and the boy was wearing that most fashionable of Minnesota accessories: layers.


That's Fabulous Babe once again proving why she is the red hot momness. That's her "hurry up and take the darn picture" look.

We arrived just in time to participate in the Baby Walk put on by the local radio station's afternoon show. There's a bit of explanation involved.

Joe, the host of "Garage Logic", will render judgement on baby names during the weekdays. This is to hopefully eliminate names like "Toyota" or "Lexus" or other expensive consumer goods from the pool of common baby names. (I haven't heard "Dewalt" yet but it's just a matter of time.) Names that pass inspection are hailed as a step in the right direction.

If your name falls outside of acceptable norms the host will offer commentary. (My favorite: "There aren't any Saints by that name.") Then your child's name is foghorned. (A sound clip of a foghorn blasts the hapless parent.) If the name is truly offensive you get the Duluth foghorn which is longer. (Reserved for children whose parents have foisted "Moonbeam" or similar on their child.)

The Baby Walk is a parade of children in front of a grandstand where you offer the name of the child and the host renders judgement in front of a crowd. (The audience will occasionally override with an appeal.) We decided we better check how we did.

We were 80 something in line and then we got to the front of the podium. I'm carrying Jack and Fabulous Babe is pushing the Lunar Lander. The co-host, Rookie, sticks the Microphone in my face and I'm on.

"John Burks but we're calling him Jack."

"Approved! How old is he!"

"7 weeks."

"He's the youngest baby we've had today!"

I think some more things were said but the rest was a blur. I turn around and make Jack wave to everyone. Jack looks around wondering what the heck is going on. We keep moving.

In honor of the moment we bought him a hat for the show that he wore for the rest of the day. (I tucked it into the headrest so it looked like he was wearing it.) Jack seemed pleased that his name was ok and he smiled the whole time. Granted he needed a pants change for some undapants action but that's typical.

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