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July 16, 2004

Trials and tribulations

Our son might be a "leg" man because it is becoming obvious that he isn't a "boob" man. Thatís the educated guess by Doctor Molotov. At yesterdayís doctor appointment Fabulous Babe explained some of the trials and tribulations weíve had with nursing. (Heís getting it most of the time but at night Jackís a little off.) After hearing some of the tales of woe Doctor Molotov suggested we go ahead with the bottle for some of his feedings.

Emotionally this was a bit of a blow for FB. In her mind I think she really wanted to be able to do everything without needing to use a bottle. While itís practical it isnít as personal and thereís the rub: Itís not FBís fault but itís still disappointing.

Pregnancy is filled with these sorts of moments. In the hospital last week FB was horribly upset when it became clear that Jack was ďstuckĒ and would need to be delivered via C-section. If there is one noise in this world that can bring me to my knees it is the sound of my wife crying. Worse still is being able to do nothing but stand next to her and try to make better a situation far out of my control.

Jackís overall weight is down a few ounces but he is otherwise in perfect health. His color is good and all the rest of the vitals seem normal.

We used the bottle last night and Jack took to it straight away. It is a bit easier but FB still nursed him for several feedings. Sorry kid. Itís 50/50. Those are the house rules.

Posted by Jim at July 16, 2004 03:45 AM