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July 22, 2004

New Jack Photos

Not to be confused with the movie "New Jack City". (I'm ashamed to admit that somewhere I have a Color Me Bad CD hidden away in a box.)

I was reminded that I hadn't posted pictures in a few days so here are a few until I get some really good ones in the next day or so,


This is Jack doing what he does best: sleeping. Unfortunately this is during the day and we want him to be doing this at night. Ugh.

Notice the sleeper. I know some parents like the snaps but they are a royal pain in the backside to get on and off during a Level 10 Poop emergency. The zippered sleepers are MUCH faster.


Here is a shot from a week or so ago when Fabulous Babe?s co-worker Wonder Woman stopped by to visit. Worn out from the effort of entertaining, Jack has managed to pass out from all the excitement.


Jack yawning. Not eventful by itself but?


It lead to this moment of introspection and contemplation. Either he?s thinking over Stephen Hawking?s change of thinking about Black Holes or he?s spotted FB and thinks it might be time for a snack. Odds are it?s the latter.


Q.) What happens when you have no butt you ask?

A.) Not only do you share a plumber?s crack with everyone in the world but you also slide down in your bouncy chair until only the top of your wee little head is exposed.


Here?s Jack how I left him the other day when I was leaving for work. Stretched out in his morning glory and giving me that ?Would you knock off this camera business!? look that I love. He?s also sporting the morning hair that usually takes a full bath to tame.

Stay tuned for more pictures this weekend.

Posted by Jim at July 22, 2004 10:57 PM