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July 14, 2004

Coming home from the hospital

Sunday was the big event: time to come home. Fabulous Babe was ready to come home a day or so before but her recovery brought that to a standstill. The more packing and prep work we did the more anxious we all were to leave.

Fabulous Babe?s dad missed the event. He had to head home for a bank board meeting. He?s coming back soon however and is bringing Grand Ma Ma in tow for the weekend.

Jack decided to leave looking sharp. Here?s a picture of his ?going home? clothes.


I should note that Donatella Versace began harassing Jack as soon as he decided what to wear home. (She wants to introduce it into the Fall line.) After the swell of publicity already surrounding the event Jack thought it best to mislead her by telling her it was simply something from FUBU. Donatella was crushed.


Here's Jack all ready to make the trip to our villa / manse / compound to be free of the intrusions of the paparazzi into his already hectic life. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to catch him discarding the press of photographers with a dismissive wave of his hand.

Jack is snuggled under a blanket my grandmother made for him. He loved the feel of the yarn in his hands and played with it all day. Her Kung Fu Ninja Knitting skills know no equal.

The other thing to spot is the car seat. Little did I realize that while they pronounce it "Ferrari" it's actually spelled "Peg Perego". All joking aside it strikes me that they have similar pricing levels.

We made it home with no problems and for the most part crashed after we arrived. It's a good thing we did because sleep was a hard commodity to come by Sunday night.

The Racetracks came by on Sunday evening to see how things were. Here?s a picture of Kate next to Jack:


One look at the picture and you can see that right minded women are already fleeing Jack?s charm and good looks. Sorry son. It?s genetic.

Jack was pretty restless Sunday night. (Must have been that call from the Hilton brats.) Multiple attempts at feedings and a lot of crying kept FB and I up until the wee hours. I got to sleep around 6:15 and was pretty grisly.

Hoping to prevent a repeat FB and her mother took Jack to meet with the lactation consultant on Monday. That went very well. Jack?s mouth developed oddly and as a result FB needs to wear a nipple shield to nurse him correctly. (The nipple shields look like the transparent top that Jane Fonda wore in Barbarella. After one glimpse I simply dubbed them ?Space Boobs? and never looked back.

Monday night went better. Much better.


This was how I left Jack this morning: In his PJ?s and snoozing away.

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