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July 03, 2004

And Now a Word from our Sponsor

Over the past many months, my husband has been keeping this weblog and I didn’t think it needed my input. Well, I think that the time has come for me to add my two cents worth.

This log started out as a series of little notes keeping our family and close friends "in the loop" on my pregnancy. Now, it is a much bigger, more widely read blog and I think that is neat. (Despite my on-and off embarrassment about some of the less than flattering parts of pregnancy.)

It took me a long time to come to the idea of having a baby. In fact, it took 34 years, two countries, three major cities, and two long term jobs. It was pretty difficult to fit anything in except my career, including a husband, but the time is now and we will figure it out. Now it is more of a reality than I ever thought, and I can’t wait… despite the fact that this baby is set on making us do just that. It was a pretty interesting feeling leaving the office last Thursday night thinking, “I won’t be back here for quite a while." I know things are going to be different, but I have a feeling I have no idea of "how different."

Today we made what might be our last little venture as "just the two of us." We went to see a flotilla of paddleboats that were making their way from as far as New Orleans to St Paul to celebrate a similar trip from 1854. Then we had a nice Mexican lunch – which did not trigger labor. Then on to see our last movie in a theatre for probably quite a while (Spider Man 2.) 'We made this trip in the Miata. To which my dad said “can you get in that thing? The answer to which is "Yes" but it is not the prettiest process. All this was fun, but next time we will look at all of this through a different set of eyes.

Last May, Jim and I went to Disneyworld for a vacation. I am probably the only person in the US, who prior to that trip, had visited EuroDisney but not one in the US. (I liked the FL experience more BTW.) Anyway, we went to the nighttime parade they have on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and sitting around us were many families. In particular, on one side, a five year old girl from Chicago and on the other side a five year old girl from England. I was fascinated by the instant bond these two little girls had in the hour we waited for the parade, discussing "the princesses," their respective day at the park, etc. (This probably also says a lot about the Michael Eisner marketing plan, but that’s not my point.) It was hard to decide to watch the parade or watch these two girls’ faces as the parade moved past or characters came up to greet them. The pure unadulterated joy and awe was something I hadn’t seen or had forgotten existed in all of the "fulfilling" days I had been working over the past 13 years. That may have been a defining moment in deciding to have a baby or how I view the world. Since then I have occasionally thought about how the world might look to our child. Starting soon, we will know rather than wonder.

The next week will be interesting, with doctors directing a process that has taken place millions of times. Thinking about the process is scary, but we are ready to go to the next stage. I have had a great time reading Jim’s observations about the past ten months and checking out your comments. Thanks to Jim for writing. Thanks to you for reading and writing. Thanks to everyone who has been patient, kind, and supportive over the past 41 weeks. Keep in touch over the next few weeks. I have a feeling things get very, very interesting...

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