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June 14, 2004

Sunny Saturday

The weekend was a chance to for all of us to catch up on things that needed to be done, that had been put off for the more immediate needs or hung to the side in the face of more daunting tasks. With the sun out we finally got a chance to catch up.

I got moving before Fabulous Babe and announced that I was headed out for errands. FB and the cats gave me the high sign, a yawn, and I hit the road.

First stop was the bank to cash in my loose change from the collection cup in my truck to fund the activity to follow. Alas my hoarded booty was a minimal $14.78 but it was a start.

Leaving the bank I headed towards the car wash. I needed to give the Baby Car a good scrubbing to ditch some of the dust from the last few weeks and finally had the time. A block away from the car wash I saw a sign for high school kids having a car wash fund raiser. I pulled in and almost instantly regretted it.

Let’s be clear: they did a fair job and the car looked pretty nice when they were done. (Next weekend I’ll do it right.) The problem is that the group raising the funds was the local high school girls soccer team who were maximizing there tans while doing the work. The sight of so many teenage girls in bikinis scrubbing my car was disturbing. I ended up walking to the side and talking to one of the dads that was there rather than see how the girls were doing. I ended up muttering thanks, dropping $5 in the bucket and leaving a shade of red as bright as my car.

Next up was the train store. I hadn’t been since January but nothing had really changed. The regulars were there and asked about FB. I bought a magazine and a book but the real payoff was the drive: Almost 90 minutes of gorgeous sunshine with the top down. Alas I also gave myself a good sunburn.

I got home and puttered for a while with some more errands. Eventually the temperature dropped and I mowed the lawn. Ah the seamy side of suburban domesticity.

We decided to visit the local “Strawberry Festival” on Saturday. This turned out to be nothing but an unending array of booths representing Chiropractic services and women with home businesses a la Southern Living and Pampered Chef. On the way in we had seen a truck advertising “Tasteful Treasures” which is the line of adult novelties. (Battery powered and then some.) FB had been to one of the parties last year and was appalled / amazed at the selection. (She said the hostess was also more than a little enthusiastic which was a bit creepy.) I joked about what they might display but alas a booth was no where to be seen.

We had the Racetracks over for dinner. FB thought a nice meal with no effort would be helpful. Kate is as cute as a button and didn’t make a peep during dinner. If only we could be that lucky in a few weeks.

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