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June 14, 2004

Sunday Sunshine Spectacular

Sunday saw spectacular weather finally pay us a visit. Needing a change of pace and a road trip Fabulous Babe demanded we hit the road in Baby Car.

We cruised over to pay a visit in Minneapolis to FB’s co-worker Wonder Woman. She and her husband had just gotten back from eating brunch and we got a chance to see their wonderful home. It was built in 1925 and looks stunning. They’ve done a lot of work to bring out the splendor that was concealed behind 70+ years of “improvements”.

After visiting for a while we headed for lunch. We tried our luck at a restaurant in Uptown called the French Meadow. It's a restaurant that would fit well in Seattle. It's typical of the genre: very "natural" and "environmentally friendly" while still being a overpriced. Our food was ok but everything came with extra lettuce greens to make the portions seem larger. I had scrambled eggs with salmon which was ok but nothing to write home about. (They added leafy greens to the eggs which was a little odd.) FB thought her salad was fair.

Hindsight being 20/20 I know now I was in for a curve when the woman that took my order noticed my In-N-Out T-shirt and remarked that she LOVED In-N-Out french fries. I said that I really liked the fries too but loved the hamburgers. This got me a sneer and an icy “I wouldn’t know. I don’t eat meat!” *sigh*

We left the “Glorious Workers Paradise Food Collective” and headed over to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Lost Control. They had celebrated their anniversary the night before and the Mrs. was trying to live down the 2 glass of wine fueled celebration from the night before. Otherwise all was well. They had spread 25 yards of mulch the day before and were taking an entitled rest.

When we got home we had been gone for 7 hours. Fabulous Babe was pretty pleased and all was right with the world.

Posted by Jim at June 14, 2004 11:51 PM