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June 24, 2004

Sleep? Bah!

So at 3:00 last night I wake up and think I hear something. Fuzzy with sleep I wander down the hallway to figure out what it is that I think I am listening to.

When I am awake enough I realize that FB's radio is on. Not the usual "quiet enough for only her to hear" but loud enough for me to hear down the hallway.

I sneak back into our bedroom and as I get back into bed I ask her to turn it down.

"You were making noises when you were asleep! I had the radio on because if I can't sleep you should be awake too."


"If you weren't snoring you were making other noises. Now give me your earplugs and be quiet!"

Dutifully I fumble around for the earplugs I have when I really want to pound out some Z's. I hand them over and then spend the next two hours wide awake trying to ponder what noises I was making and trying to make sure I don't commit the same mistake again.

Posted by Jim at June 24, 2004 06:42 AM