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June 16, 2004

Nursery pictures

Fabulous Babe has been wanting me to share pictures of the nursery with everyone so I got the camera out and tried to oblige.

Frequent visitors may remember the great "Monkey vs. Frogs" debate that tore our house asunder. Allow me to present an ambassadors of the victors:


Cute little devils aren't they? (I'll admit it. They've grown on me.)

More proof we're having a baby:


Why else would we own a bassinet? (Even we don't spoil our cats that much.)

You can also spot the baby swing with the... Ready for it?.... REMOTE! That's right. Now you don't have to get up, walk over and start the motion again. Just hit the button from your spot on the couch and rock away. I'm still need to find the time to figure out if I can program it into the universal remote.

The dresser is new as well. Part of the dreadfully expensive trip to Babys R Us that one day. I still twitch in horror thinking about it.


This is the window side of the room. The rocker and stool were gifts from Fabulous Babe's parents. The cats tried them out before I hauled them upstairs.

Let me again emphasize that the picture of the frog above is NOT a picture of our baby. We still have not had it yet.

I did snap another picture that I thought I might share.


I took this to emphasize that despite what she may believe FB is NOT as big as a rhymes with mouse.

So let me officially announce the FB Belly Photoshop contest. Feel free to use the above picture as a start. Just email me your handiwork. Entries that produce a good giggle or two will get posted or cause me to get hit by my wife. Great entries will result in both of the above. I look forward to your creativity.

Posted by Jim at June 16, 2004 09:03 PM