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May 06, 2004

Head down...

Fabulous Babe went to the doctor yesterday. The report?

So far so good. The baby is positioned correctly so we were happy to hear that. Junior has assumed the "head down" position which means that on the big day there will be no resistance for the bobsled like descent through the plumbing. (When FB reads this I'll probably get smacked.) FB heads to the doctor every two weeks currently and when we hit June will be going once a week.

Unfortunately she's still having problems sleeping. Between elevated body heat and her, how best to phrase this, "girth" she's tossing and turning. I tend to wake up when she does so neither of us are sleeping well.

Someone asked if FB has any particular food she wants. She hasn't had any cravings in the traditional sense. Every once in a while she's hungry for Wendy's and the occasional trip to Dairy Queen seems to go over pretty well. All in all she's eating normally.

If the target date is correct we're 55 days away as of Thursday. I can't say it scares me at this point. If anything the sooner Junior arrives the better Fabulous Babe will feel.

Posted by Jim at May 6, 2004 12:15 AM


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