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May 02, 2004

Baby A-Z.

Otherwise known as "Diapers are looming on your horizon!"

We had our next big class yesterday. It covered how to survive the first few weeks at home with Junior. Fabulous Babe and I agreed we learned a few new things but nothing earthshattering.

The coolest part of the class was a live demonstration of giving a baby a bath. A couple with a newborn from the Maternity ward volunteered to stand in front of the class and show off.

The mom had gone through a c-section and was moving a little slow. The dad was a big guy in his late 20's / early 30's sporting a Nascar hat. He then surprised everyone with a tremendous performance of baby bathing that got a round of applause. He knew exactly what he was doing and soon had the 2 day old little girl clean and tucked away. Simply inspiring.

Fabulous Babe cried yestereday seeing some of the video of newborns. She's starting to get her head around what is coming and that maternal bond is starting to take hold in a pretty big way.

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