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April 14, 2004

Rent or Own?

Fabulous Babe discovered that her office has a lactating room. A place where a new mother can find some peace and quiet to be alone with the next most special thing in her life: Her breast pump.

We've so far tried to avoid any serious consideration of one of these widgets. FB has talked with some people and has a good idea of which one she is interested in. The heart of the problem is that these things have more options than a mini-van. Battery powered. Hand powered. Single or dual. Backpack or over the shoulder sling. Simply staggering.

It's also very clear that no real man has a hand in making these things. If it were up to me the Uddermaster 9000 would take a new mom from a "D" cup to an "A" in about 2 minutes tops. FB assures me that my future doesn't lay in Breast Pump design.

Whatever we decide FB doesn't want to put the breast pump on our registry because "It's too personal." Considering the many other personal moments that are going to be shared with complete strangers having one of these on a wish list seems trivial. None the less FB has final say.

Just remember that if you're in a store and see the Uddermaster 9000 you heard it here first.

Posted by Jim at April 14, 2004 09:37 PM


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