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April 18, 2004

Baby 101 Part 1.

Saturday morning. Fabulous Babe let me snooze for a bit but there was no putting off our soon to be parent classes.

The class was pretty much what I expected: 25 couples and an instructor. We weren't the oldest but the vast majority of participants were younger than we are. There was mom and grandmother couple but the rest of the class were all expectant moms and dads. (Or "support person" as our politically correct instructor proceeded to emphasize for the next two days.)

Sitting and looking around it was fun to people watch. The oldest couple, in their late 40's, looked a bit awkward. (She looked to be in a panic.) The couple we initially sat next to were very excited but about 10 years younger than us. A different couple included a woman that worked in the NICU (Natal Intensive Care Unit.) They were an "Oops!" couple which was a little ironic considering her field.

We reviewed a few films and went over materials. Our lunch break gave us a chance to learn a bit more about the other people in the class. Once couple know someone that FB works with. (Never doubt that it is a small world.) They have been married less than a year. (Yikes!)

The films weren't as bad as I thought. I did get in trouble with FB for laughing to loudly at one part. (A woman delivered a baby while on all fours only to then begin trying to turn around yelling "Where is it? Where is it?") Despite everyone laughing I still got in trouble.

During the relaxation period I dipped into the negative period when I relaxed to the point of quitting the arm motions and just enjoying the quiet. This too got me in mildly hot water as FB accused me of snoring. It's not my fault that all those years on the futon allow me to fall asleep on concrete.

By day's end we really hadn't learned much that we didn't know. We did pick up a few hints and tricks that might make the next few months a little easier. We'll see.

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