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March 10, 2004

Mail Call...

I get some interesting questions every once in a while. Time to share:

"Why do you call her Fabulous Babe?"
Um. Because she is one? I realize it sounds sexist but she's my wife and "Fabulous Babe" seems leagues of improvement over "The Old Ball and Chain".

"Where did you meet?"
The Fox & Fiddle in Mississauga, Ontario. As you walk in go all the way to the back and sit in the booth on the far right that is against the wall. If you want to complete the experience order a Strongbow, have a beautiful woman make fun of you all night.

"Do you have a song?"
Sort of. Bobcaygeon by the Tragically Hip was big when we met. It was on our wedding CD that we handed out as favors. (I'll post the list if you are interested.) That's as close as it gets.

"Are you/is she Canadian?"
No. We were Americans living and working in Canada when we met. We miss our Canadian friends, the Maple Leafs and Canadian beer very much. Roots too. (Not sure about Rabba though.) The Senators? Not at all.

"When is she due?"
Late June. The date is currently hovering around the 25th. FB is an overachiever however so who knows. She may just decide to evict Junior early.

"Do you have any names picked out?"
Only one that keeps coming up as a middle name. We'll have to see what the baby is first.

"Do you really know the sex of the baby?"
Yes. Within a 80% chance.

"What is it? I have to know!"
Forget it. Not a chance.

"Do you give husband lessons? Can you talk to my husband?"
Dangerous water and I'm not going in. I'm not sure any man is going to want to talk to me after the birthday surprise. It's going to be similar to the 3 dozen rose incident where all the men in FB's office tried to lynch me.

"Where do you get all of this stuff?"
I was frequently hit in the head with a Whammo Frisbee as a child when my grandfather tried to teach me to catch it with one hand. (Thanks Granddaddy.) Really I just always try to notice things. The end result is what you read here.

"Boxers or briefs?"
Pre-Special Project: Briefs.
Production phase: Boxers.
Since production was successful? Commando!

More later....

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