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March 02, 2004

Cowboy or Ballerina?

To me it has never mattered what we wound up with.

Whenever I get asked that question I always think of a pair of pictures hanging in my Dad's home.

When he was a little boy my Dad had a cowboy outfit that he used to wear. Complete with hat and holsters he was the 6 shot sheriff of Johnson Ave.

I know to some of the politically correct the next part may seem barbaric so brace yourselves: He used to play cowboys and indians.

At some point my grandfather snapped a picture of my dad in full Cowboy attire drawing his pistol. My dad might be 4 or 5 in the picture and the smile on his face tells the whole story.

At some point after they were married my dad got in touch with my step-Mom's mom. Through some clever work he got a picture of her at a similar age in a full ballerina costume doing her best "on pointe" with arms overhead.

The two pictures sit side by side on a wall in their living room. For being taken hundreds of miles apart they look a matched set.

So when people ask that's what I think. It's one or the other.

Sixguns or slippers.

Posted by Jim at March 2, 2004 09:30 PM


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