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February 07, 2004

Saturday fun.

Busy day.

I woke up early with the body pillow wedged tightly in my ass and Aida laying on my pillow by my head. (Tosca, her spot taken up by the new pillow, had given up and wandered off in the middle of the night.) Fabulous Babe was sleeping soundly. I gave up on sleeping in and rolled out of bed.

First chore of the day was a diagnosis of the snowblower. The orange beast of snow tossing hasn't worked as well as it should and a call with the company gave me some ideas. After 45 minutes spent with the manual I finally reverse engineered what I needed and got it fixed. It only took me 20 minutes to scrape our entire drive clear. I was throwing snow 20-30 feet and surrounded by a billowing cloud of ice crystals. It was glorious.

FB and I headed off to lunch after I cleaned up. After eating we went to a furniture store to have a look at cribs. Amazingly, it seems that Babies R Us have completely taken over the business from traditional furniture stores.

FB had wanted to go look at wallpaper for the baby's room at some point. Today she was feeling up to it and off we went. We went to Home Depot first and she paged through book after book looking for the perfect pastel combinations. I saw some neat patterns that were shot down with "The Look" and figured that I might stand a chance of the Pirate Ship pattern later on in Junior's life.

Not finding what we were looking for there we headed to ANOTHER store specializing in wall decorations. More of the same. We saw some things I wasn't too offended by and eventually FB was feeling tired and Hell hath no fury like standing between a pregnant woman and her nap.

I bought FB a copy of "Under the Tuscan Sun" for a mushy night of estrogen cinema. In yet another sign that I married the right woman she would rather watch the NHL talent competition tonight than the movie. She so rules.

Tomorrow morning we have tickets to the Volunteer concert at the Ice Palace. ("You were suckered into spending hours in the freezing cold. Maybe this will make it up to you.") The Barenaked Ladies are playing so that should be good fun.

We're going to be easy to spot. We'll be wearing our Maple Leafs Jerseys.

Woo hoo!

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