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February 22, 2004

"Jim! I'm Pregnant!"

You may remember where I decided we needed to take a new approach to this conception business.

About a week after that I noticed Fabulous Babe is glaring at me while drinking a lot of cranberry juice. It was that "You did this to me!" look. The kind that causes milk to spoil if it passes between the eyeballs and their target. A look that says "Urinary Tract Infection" and is reserved for the cause.

"Sorry Hon" I said with great sheepishness.

That Sunday afternoon we headed off to lunch at Famous Dave's. During lunch FB complained she wasn't feeling any better. We decided to head over to the medical clinic that our provider has.

We get there and after waiting around a while we finally meet the doctor. Turns out he's 80+ and only works weekends. He asks us the symptoms. We explain we are trying to have a baby. He doesn't make the honeymooner jokes. They leave to run some tests.

After sitting there for a while I have to go to the bathroom. As I leave the mens room I am looking around and suddenly FB runs up to me.

"Jim! I'm pregnant!" (In a voice more surprised than anything else.)

"Well that's what we were shooting for right?"

Turns out that when the doctor came back in he confirmed the UTI and then added a "Well you're also pregnant" on the end of it.

FB, being an accountant by trade, immediately called for an audit.

"Are you sure?"

The doctor with a great deal of practice then showed her the results and ended the debate.

That was it. That's how I missed it. Some of the most important news and the doctor couldn't even wait until I was in the room. Instead I found out standing in the doorway of the mens room.

It doesn't matter. The news is what was important. Junior was on the way.

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