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January 28, 2004

"Hi! I'm Paige Davis!"

Fabulous Babe went to bed a little while ago.

She's exhausted from work. Even though she came home "early" tonight she was pale when she walked through the door. After a bath she crashed on the couch in her comfy robe. Within an hour she was out like a light.

We entered a new phase of the pregnancy this past week. As expected her stomach muscles are stretching and expanding for the baby. It's been happening all along but recently has begun to increase in pace to the point that it is causing pain and leaving her sore. After a long day of this it leaves her pretty worn out.

I think it's like having Trading Spaces come over and upgrade your uterus. I can just hear that little pixie Paige Davis: "Now we're going to throw those ligaments over there. Get ready because we are going to do some AMAZING things with those ovaries." I'm fine with Vern having a hand in it. Frank's ok as well. I draw the line at Hildy though. She's as sharp as a sack of wet kittens. Everything that woman touches turns out badly. I ask you: Who sets couches outside in Seattle to dry during winter? To quote B. Bunny: "What a Maroon!"

This has led to some interesting nights this past week. FB hasn't been sleeping well. When she does sleep she ends up having some weird dreams. These are usually punctuated by the occasional odd outburst. Things like:

"Scoot over!" (Where I'm already on the edge of the bed and there's a foot between us.)

"What does the ledger say?" (The only Director who still works while asleep.)

My favorite?

"Lend me some sugar. I am your neighbor."

That's right. Even exhausted, pregnant and wacky with a lack of sleep she's still hip enough to quote Outkast's "Hey Ya!".

The cool mom to be. Fabulous Babe.

Posted by Jim at January 28, 2004 10:12 PM


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