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January 15, 2004

Favorite Children's books?

I've always loved books. A lot of my early memories are of reading or being read to. I thank my grandparents for that. They emphasized reading to me early on. Mercifully it stuck.

When I was a little monster my grandfather used to read to me nightly. Tales of Sinbad and the Arabian Nights, the Oz books and anything else he thought I might like. I remember the Jungle Book and Tarzan and how excited he was when one night when I returned the favor and read the last chapter of "The Wizard of Oz" out loud to him when I was 5. He was so excited he ran downstairs and left me sitting on the bed wondering what the big deal was.

It's time for some suggestions from the gallery. Post your suggestions in the comments area and lets see what you recommend.

Posted by Jim at January 15, 2004 11:03 PM


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